IntroductionSpecializing in the production of automotive production lines, three-dimensional garage integrated solutions for the enterprise.


Stereo parking garage

No. Name Company Number of vehicles (unit)
1 Underground Columbus Square two negative layer mechanical parking equipment Wuxi Longteng Commercial Investment Development Co., Ltd. 145
2 Huaian overseas Chinese Garden underground mechanical parking equipment Huaian Association of real estate development Co., Ltd. 138
3 Changzhou New Town Park No.1 mechanical parking equipment Changzhou Xincheng Real Estate Development Co., Ltd. 224
4 Landscape and garden three-dimensional garage equipment procurement and after-sales service projects Landscape and garden, Xinbei District, Changzhou 105
5 Bauhinia Square mechanical parking equipment Nanjing Kang Yi Real Estate Development Co., Ltd. 365
6 Phase I construction machinery parking equipment Nanjing Jia Shun Real Estate Co., Ltd. 242
7 Kunshan Kai Tong Building mechanical parking equipment Kunshan Kai Association training Co., Ltd. 150
8 Mechanical parking equipment for newly built underground car park (civil air defense facilities) project in Nanjing Nanjing people's Air Defense Office 200
9 Nanjing falling in love with the city of the sun in the 8 District basement parking spaces Nanjing red sun Real Estate Development Co., Ltd. 204
10 T2 garage, 3rd Street, Shuicheng, north the Bund, Nanjing Nanjing Pudong Real Estate Development Co., Ltd. 391
11 Nanjing Tianrun City 16 Street Central mechanical parking equipment Nanjing Tianhua Bairun Investment Development Company Limited 150
12 North the Bund Shuicheng thirteen block mechanical parking equipment Nanjing Pudong Real Estate Development Co., Ltd. 1020
13 Changzhou City Tianyu garden mechanical parking equipment Changzhou Jinfeng Real Estate Co., Ltd. 122
14 Rising sun two district C group mechanical parking equipment Nanjing red sun Real Estate Development Co., Ltd. 675
15 Dalian Ze Lin Yuan Xiao Qu mechanical parking equipment Dalian Guangyang Dragon Investment Co. Ltd. 209
16 Shanghai Yi Jing Ting mechanical parking equipment Shanghai Xincheng Real Estate Development Co., Ltd. 425
17 Shanghai customs anti smuggling Bureau underground machinery garage project People's Republic of China Shanghai customs 72
18 Shanghai Xin'an agricultural and sideline products wholesale market mechanical garage project Shanghai qianfang intelligent parking Co., Ltd. 256
19 Tangshan Fengnan hospital underground machinery garage project Jiangsu Huanya medical technology group 274
20 Dalian yinte Moore mechanical parking equipment Dalian static traffic Parking Management Co., Ltd. 476
21 Yangzhong Yurun mechanical parking equipment engineering Zhenjiang Yurun Central Shopping Plaza Co. Ltd. 823
22 Changzhou Mengcheng 5-A basement three-dimensional mechanical parking engineering Changzhou lemon waterside Huadu Real Estate Development Company Limited 177
23 Nanjing Shu Yun Yun mechanical parking equipment project Nanjing aitao real estate co., LTD 334
24 Zhenjiang zhongnan century city mechanical parking space projects Central south zhenjiang real estate development co., LTD 269
25 Shanghai hongqiao international airport expansion project eastern base (west end) phase ii project (north) mechanical parking equipment Shanghai construction group co., LTD 449
26 Nanchang Wuyue Square commercial equipment parking equipment Nanchang new town Yue Sheng Real Estate Development Co., Ltd. 554
27 Changzhou jiuzhou garden a phase of the underground garage of mechanical parking equipment supply and installation works Changzhou Daocheng real estate co., LTD 517