IntroductionSpecializing in the production of automotive production lines, three-dimensional garage integrated solutions for the enterprise.

About us

About us   1, Enterprise profile
  Jiangsu Guanyu Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is a private company, located in Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Anhui provinces at the junction of the prosperous city of National Excellent Tourism City, national environmental protection outstanding city, National Sanitary City, national science demonstration city of Liyang City, the geographical position is superior, the transportation is convenient, we are in Jiangsu Zhongguancun industrial park. Founded in August 2004, the registered capital of 105 million 600 thousand yuan, annual production capacity of more than 1 billion. The company is the automatic transmission lines integrated suppliers, automotive, tobacco and household appliances industry, in 2012 the company saw the social development needs, timely expansion of the marine engineering equipment and intelligent garage and other new business, into the new vitality for the development of enterprises. The company main customers involved: Shanghai Volkswagen, Shanghai GM, SAIC, FAW Volkswagen, Beijing Benz, Shenyang BMW, Volvo, SIEMENS, Changsha Fiat and Chery and other well-known domestic automobile factory, auto welding production lines and parking for leading products. In 2016 the company's total assets is 260 million yuan, of which the land of 145 acres, production workshop of 100 thousand square meters, office, living space of 20 thousand square meters, staff quarters, dining room hotel. Over the years the company credit rating AAA, 2016 sales of nearly 300 million yuan.
  The development of several years company formed a unique "Guanyu spirit", namely high-end talent, advanced technology, quality products and humanized management. At present, the company employs more than and 400 people, nearly 100 researchers, college and Bachelor degree or above. The company currently has Beam column type stereo parking garage, Eccentric turntable, Central turntable,more than and 30 inventions and utility model patents, these patents are Guanyu important resources, is the booster of Guanyu development.
  The company in line with the solid technology is the cornerstone of the development of the company in the concept of continuous technological innovation. The past two years has invested 100 million yuan to carry out large-scale technological transformation and equipment renewal, has introduced Longmen CNC machining center, CNC machining center, CNC CNC lathe, CNC punching machine, CNC bending machine, CNC laser cutter, CNC flame cutting machines more than and 10 sets of advanced equipment, while the introduction of domestic and foreign enterprises with advanced production technology and the formation of the domestic first-class production technology, mechanical production automation system.
  "The production scale, technology and equipment modernization, specialization and informatization management means" "four modernizations" project, enhance the brand value of the formation of Guanyu, "safe, efficient and innovative spirit, harmonious" Guanyu provides a powerful idea, spirit power for the development of enterprises.

  2, the status and role of enterprises in the industry
  Jiangsu environmental management, technology, products have reached the leading level in the industry, the company obtained NGV promulgated the "quality management system certification certificate, to the end of 2014, the company has made" a special equipment manufacturing license "," maintenance B license "," mechanical and electrical equipment installation level two "," steel structure engineering three "and" three offshore oil engineering qualification. Has five times been "quality supervision center of Jiangsu products named" high quality products "in Jiangsu Province, in 2009 won the" national quality, safety, AAA grade credit outstanding construction enterprises ", in 2011 was named" Jiangsu Province integrity entrepreneurs ", has been awarded" Jiangsu provincial quality management advanced construction unit". In August 2016 by the China International Electronic Commerce Center as a "good faith demonstration enterprise certification". The honor is a microcosm of Jiangsu Guanyu vigorous development, is approved by the state of Guanyu customers and company.

  3, the role of enterprises in the field of technological innovation and competitiveness
  With the deepening of the reform of economy and science and technology system, enterprises have been given the status as the main body of scientific and technological innovation system. In 2013 the enterprise was named Jiangsu private technology enterprises, in 2014 was named the national high-tech enterprises, "Guanyu" brand trademark was as well-known trademarks of Changzhou city. In the environment of reform and opening up the system more in-depth, more dynamic, the company leadership attaches great importance to technological innovation, the profound understanding and the understanding to the technology innovation plays an important role in promoting the development of enterprises, as the company's long-term development goals, formulate the development planning of the enterprise technology innovation, the establishment of a general manager for technical committee director a member of the leadership team, innovative work under the technical committee of experts. Increase investment in technological innovation, improve the treatment of technical innovation personnel, so that the enterprise's technological innovation work has been healthy and stable development.
  The company always adhere to the "people-oriented" talent cultivation work concept, vigorously implement the talent strategy, to cultivate an excellent team of science and technology, relying on the company and the local, innovative thinking, to achieve transcendence; strive to expand training channels, actively explore the practice form of staff training; support post road to success, and the training of talents in in practice, to go out, please come in training policy ", and actively carry out various training courses, increase qualification training, efforts to build a platform for the qualification of construction.
  All the staff of the company, in unison, mutual support, confidence, and even the country's eastern has the ability to become a shining star in mechanical manufacturing industry.