IntroductionSpecializing in the production of automotive production lines, three-dimensional garage integrated solutions for the enterprise.


  • 2016Complete the technical transformation of the company's painting and painting production line, increase the investment of fixed assets by 30 million yuan
  • 2015Registered capital of the company to expand the capital of 105 million 600 thousand yuan, the establishment of three-dimensional garage manufacturing business, the expansion of the plant of 50 thousand square meters, fixed assets investment of $30 mi
  • 2014.12"Guanyu trademark" was named "Changzhou well-known trademark", steel structure installation three permits, three level pipeline installation permit. Technology Department was named Changzhou city "technology center"
  • 2014.10got the title of National High Tech enterprise
  • 2014.9Guanyu product was named "Changzhou famous brand products"
  • 2014.7The establishment of the Committee of the CPC Jiangsu branch Guanyu Machinery Manufacture Co. Ltd., Jiangsu Guanyu Machinery Manufacture Co. Ltd. trade union
  • 2013.6Move to Jiangsu Zhongguancun science and Technology Industrial park. Get 125 acres of land, construction plant of 30 thousand square meters. Acquisition of special equipment construction permits and mechanical and electrical installation of three per