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Introduction of stacker

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Stacker is the core of the automatic stereo warehouse equipment, through the three-dimensional warehouse X.Y.Z direction of three dimensional motion in order to realize the function of the shipment. Mainly divided into single column piling machine and double pillar stacker, by walking three driving mechanism, promotion and goods fork complete requirements, adopt international advanced servo control system and the absolute recognition site full closed loop control system, with barcode or laser ranging accuracy to recognize address way, realize the stacker and high precision. In order to adapt itself to the requirements of various industries, our company has developed a variety of type stacker: overloading stacker, deadweight of 8 tons/goods, suitable for heavy manufacturing enterprise; Aluminium alloy stacker, walking speed reached 300 m/min, apply to the use of light load and high speed environment; And clamp type stacker, choose stacker equipped with cab etc. Various type stacker. Can design according to user needs all kinds of non-standard stacker.

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