RecruitmentTalent strategy is an important part of development strategy, Guanyu people-oriented, merit! People are the most active and the most valuable corporate wealth.

Talent Profile

  • Employee profile By the end of 2016, with enterprise employees 423 people
    423 The development of several years company formed a unique "Guanyu spirit", namely high-end talent, advanced technology, quality products and humanized management. Currently employees more than and 400 people, nearly 100 researchers
  • Educational structure College graduate or bachelor degree or above personnel nearly half
    • University college17.32%
    • Junior college35.21%
    • Technical secondary school31.26%
    • Under the high school16.21%
  • Age structure Provide a powerful spiritual motivation for the development of enterprises
    • Above 55 years old3.26%
    • 46 to 54 years old18.53%
    • 36 to 45 years old41.34%
    • Under 35 years old36.87%